Coral Sea Range

The Coral Sea Experience

The Coral Sea range incorporates the very best design features available. Spacious swim-outs, seating, entry and exit steps all perfectly positioned around the pool to provide family friendly use as well as a large swimming area, ideal for exercise laps.

With five lengths available in the innovative style, there is certain to be a Coral Sea pool size perfect to suit both your budget and leisure needs. The 6.8 and 7.6-metre sizes are ideal for smaller yard areas, the Coral Sea range also boasts a 10.3 and 11.3-metre pool range.

Of course, the Coral Sea range includes our special safety features and extensive shimmer colour range that will provide watercolours to reflect your landscaping design, making a complementary addition to any home.

All pools have a safety step ledge (100mm wide) around the entire parameter of the pool.

Please note: Physical pool shells may vary to supplied drawings and all dimensions are approximate.


Check out the sizing options available for these pools.

Name Length (M) Width (M) Deep End (M) Shallow End (M) Litres
Endeavour 11.30 4.40 1.76 1.17 48500
Fliners 10.30 4.40 1.70 1.17 43000
Hastings 8.90 4.40 1.62 1.17 35900
Trinity 7.60 3.45 1.55 1.17 23300
St Crispin 6.80 3.45 1.50 1.17 20300